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Stage Research’s SFX software provides power and flexibility over traditional playback equipment. Based around the Cue List and the GO button, SFX works like sound designers and operators expect it to work, giving you the features that CD players, minidiscs, and others can’t provide. SFX finally makes art out of sound playback and it will dramatically change how you do shows.
 Have you ever encountered any of the following?
  • The need to playback more than one sound effect at a time?
  • Separate or multiple speaker locations for sound effects or music?
  • A desire for consistent execution night-after-night with volume changes and crossfades the same for every performance?
  • The hope for a playback system easy to operate allowing your operator to focus on mixing or other tasks?
  • The need to control other gear?
That’s SFX. It does all that and more. And once you use it, there’s no going back. SFX takes the drudgery out of playback and makes this aspect of the design enjoyable, which benefits not only you, but also the performance, and ultimately the audience.
  • Pentium III, 500 MHz processor
  • WindowsXP or Windows2000
  • DirectX/WDM sound card (e.g. Echo Layla/Gina)
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Parallel port or USB port
SFX Editions:
SFX Standard:

Typically for your small theatre or small show.  It allows you to play up to four simultaneous cues to up to eight outputs. It also can do MIDI control and play tracks from the CD player.

SFX ProAudio:

For people who have more audio intensive shows such as professional theatres and universities.. Contains all the features of SFX Standard and more:  There is no limit to the number of simultaneous cues and allows up to sixteen outputs.

SFX Show Control:

Installations that require control of other devices.  Contains all the features of SFX Standard, plus MIDI Time Code, MIDI Show Control, and optional free plug-ins to control contact closures, VCAs, and others.

SFX ProAudio/Show Control:

The full-blown package for people who have both intensive audio requirements as well as control elements.  Contains all the features of SFX Show Control and SFX ProAudio.

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