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Creating robust sound designs should not be limited by technology. Technology should help enhance your inspiration, not choke it. 

Instead of fighting with CD players and minidiscs that handcuff you to the way that they work, use SFX they way you work. If you want to layer sound effects, SFX easily does it for you. If you need to change or reorganize your cue list, SFX allows you do it with the point-and-click of the mouse. SFX is designed for live entertainment so you will be right at home using it. 

"I waited a long time to make the jump to a computerized playback system and SFX fits the ticket!" -- Jack Nardi

If you're looking for a richer sound design that is actually easier and more enjoyable to complete, then look to SFX. Are you ever concerned with leaving your design in the hands of an inexperienced or temporary operator? Inexperienced operators easily run even complex shows with SFX.

"I like the software, it did what I expected, and is easy to use. A good product I'd buy again. Perfect for having untrained operators run complicated sound playback." -- Darryl Waskow

Once you realize how easy it is to build shows, your designs will become richer, without increasing the complexity of executing them. When you're able to experiment and make changes quickly and easily, you will find that you can focus on the actual art of sound design.

"SFX rocks! I can't believe how much easier the new sound guy has it. Just last year I ran three pro minidisc decks and a Yamaha board. This year we upgraded, and there's no going back..." -- Daniel Zawierucha

Imagine this: dropping sound effects into an onscreen cue list. It's easy to set the order, click on any part in your cue list and execute it. You can also drag in effects that change the volume of effects, or link cues together to be executed in a certain time period. With the sound effects, you can drop in cues that send MIDI commands to mixers, equalizers, or effects processors to have this program control them.

"It is a pleasure to fire up SFX on a daily basis!" -- Peter McAleer
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