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George Orwell's 1984, an apocalyptic vision of an oppressive, frightening and deadly future, came to life recently on the international stage -- and SFX was there.  Find out how SFX Show Control, along with the edje MPEG digital video player brought the chilling show to life. See the full story...

The premier event for technology in worship will be held this year in Cincinnati, Ohio from May 19th through the 23rd.  There will be plenty of seminars and exhibits emphasizing how modern technology can help bring the message to worshippers, including "Sound, Video, Lights and Special Effects" to be presented by Stage Research.  Visit Stage Research in booth 531!

Stage Research wants to make sure every part of life Sounds Simple.  That's why we are giving away a 10 GB iPod MP3 player for Windows.  This is hands down the slickest way to listen to your entire music collection.  It holds over 3000 songs and fits easily in the palm of your hand.  And if you get a friend to sign up for our newsletter, you'll double your chances!  Sign up here to win.  Winner will be notified by e-mail on June 21st.

There sure is!  Stage Research now offers Echo Sound Cards at great prices! That's so good it's worth repeating: Stage Research now offers Echo sound cards at great prices!  SFX customers have always recommended Layla, Gina, and Mia, and because of that, Stage Research wants you to get these cards easily and affordably.  As an introduction to these cards, Stage Research will give you a 10% discount on your online order when you purchase an Echo sound card before May 31st.  Enter ECHO for the Discount Code in the online shopping cart.

Last month Stage Research announced its product line of Digital Audio Workstations providing you with an entire out-of-the-box turnkey SFX solution.  With the highly recommended Echo sound cards and the limited time 10% discount, this is a great time to get into digital audio or to upgrade the system you already have!  Log onto our Online Store for more details.

Latest Releases

SFX 5.6 Build 9, 4/14/2003 | Echo Digital Audio (Layla24/Mona/Gina24/Mia) Version 6.07, 3/24/2003


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