JULY 2003     



by Anthony McLean
Behind the latex, the blue paint and infectious beat, the always unpredictable performance of the Blue Man Group is backed by a complex audio presentation handled by none other then Stage Research's SFX. Find out how SFX Show Control helps extend the musical mystery of this offbeat, avant-garde trio.
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Congratulations go out to Justin T. LaCroix of Totally Magic in New Bedford, MA.  He was the lucky winner of the 10 GB iPod MP3 player for Windows in our "Sounds Simple" Spring Giveaway.  Justin can now carry over 3000 songs with him (an entire CD collection!) in his pocket, thanks to the iPod's sleek, slim-line design.  Stay tuned for more great Sounds Simple giveaways in the upcoming future.

Sonic Foundry is a leader in audio and video editing software.  Now, its premier products such as Sound Forge, Acid, and Vegas are carried by Stage Research!  Come see how these applications can help you in your sound editing, music creation, or video composition.

Latest Releases

SFX 5.6 Build 9, 4/14/2003 | Echo Digital Audio (Layla24/Mona/Gina24/Mia) Version 6.08, 5/19/2003


Tell us which sound card you are using and we'll add it to our Latest Releases list.

"SFX has been a wonder!"
- Clifford O. Low

"It made last minute changes to simple! Thanks!"
- Bill Coy

"SFX is a great tool.  I'd recommend it to anyone."
- Zach Moore

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