OCTOBER 2003     


Ghosts, goblins and things that go "shriek" in the night are everywhere you turn at Ward's Point Cemetery. What began as a small, humble Halloween display, has turned into a chilling, monster of a project, thanks to the imagination of one man and the versatility of SFX. Find out how SFX has helped transform a normal man's front yard into a yearly scarefest to delight every Trick or Treater.
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Increase your productivity with lighting design software now offered through Stage Research!  Drop by and take advantage of our free downloadable demos.  With Crescit Software's leading SoftPlot 3D program, you can easily create lighting designs and generate reports.  Also available is Light Shop to aid you in photometric data and Theatrical Lighting Design Interactive, a learning tool that is sure to become invaluable to those educating lighting students.  See the Stage Research website for details.

Sonic Foundry, the leader in audio and video editing software, has been acquired by the Sony Corporation.  Sony is committed to continue developing with the excellent product line of Sound Forge, Acid, and Vegas.  Come see how these applications can help you in your sound editing, music creation, or video composition.

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- Bob Beck

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- Stefeniah McGowan

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