NOVEMBER 2003     


What's Behind the Curtain?
What's the greatest attribute a sound designer has?  Flexibility.  Many times sound designers have to work in situations where they are short on time and low on resources, but they still come through and deliver a solid design.  That's why when you're working at a theatre over ninety minutes away with limited access to the stage and the typical tight budget, the flexibility to creatively get your sound design completed is a life-saver.  See the full story...

Free up your valuable time and organize the business end of sound design with ShowBuilder (image at right), an application that will manage paperwork, document your sound system, create shop bids, keep track of budgets and payroll, plan show routes, and even pick the correct RF frequencies anywhere in the solar system -- to name only a few features!   ShowBuilder takes the drudgery out of the administration side of sound design giving you total control over the entire process!   See the Stage Research website for details.

USITT Professional Development Workshop
SFX is rapidly becoming the #1 choice for low cost automated theatrical audio playback and this one-day USITT Annual Conference workshop takes people through the entire process of configuring, programming, and operating a simple show.  Presenter Drew Dalzell will share many programming tips and tricks.  Sign up now at

What are you up to? 
Stage Research is looking for recent shows and theatres that are using SFX so that we can put you on our website!  Drop us an email and tell us a little about what recent shows you’ve used or encountered SFX.

"It's a great pleasure working with an SFX system."
- Tim Anderson

"Thanks for a truly great theatre sortware program."
- Trevor Hughes

"What a versatile program!"
Mark Belkie

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