JANUARY 2004     


Steffan Soule’s SFX Magic in Mysterian

Steffan Soule performs artistic magic for the corporate and family audience aimed at invoking wonder, astonishment and awe. His tools are large-scale-grand illusions like his Giant Hour Glass; amazing-small stage effects like his Signed Bill in Lemon; his Cast of Mysterians; and his Lights, Sound, Smoke and Mirrors all run by SFX. His show, Mysterian, now in it's fifth year, opened in 1999 with the perfect SFX system controlling the small 250 seat magic theatre designed and built for the show at Illusionz Magical Entertainment Center.  See the full story...

Stage Research has teamed up with leading lighting software developer, Crescit Software, to continue to bring you the very best software for your entertainment needs.  Starting in 2004, Stage Research will be the chief distributor and retailer for the SoftPlot lighting design and Light Shop photometric applications!  Come see the lighting tools that will make your life easier!

USITT Professional Development Workshop
SFX is rapidly becoming the #1 choice for low cost automated theatrical audio playback and this one-day USITT Annual Conference workshop takes people through the entire process of configuring, programming, and operating a simple show.  Presenter Drew Dalzell will share many programming tips and tricks.  Sign up now at http://www.usitt.org.

What are you up to? 
Stage Research is looking for recent shows and theatres that are using SFX so that we can put you on our website!  Drop us an email and tell us a little about what recent shows you’ve used or encountered SFX.

"It's a great pleasure working with an SFX system."
- Tim Anderson

"Thanks for a truly great theatre sortware program."
- Trevor Hughes

"What a versatile program!"
Mark Belkie

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