OCTOBER 2004    

SFX Takes A Streetcar at The Kennedy Center
by Brad Rembielak

The intricate and emotional storytelling of playwright Tennessee Williams was heightened with the awesome power of SFX. With over two hours and twenty minutes of sound and music cues built within the show, Streetcar was no small task.  Find out the secrets of how SFX was used in the classic A Streetcar Named Desire at The John F.  Kennedy Center.  See the full story...

Stage Research is proud to present...
The new SFX Sound Station DAW. This is the workstation diehard SFX users have been waiting for!  It's all the power of a full-sized Digital Workstation in a smaller, lunchbox style carrying case.  All the software and hardware has already been installed, so it’s ready to go right out of the box. It's also completely customizable with your edition choice of SFX and your own powerful soundcard.  The new SFX Sound Station DAW is perfect for budgets of designers who want on-the-go flexibility.

The SFX Certified Rental System.  Now you can rent a super-powerful SFX system for your projects.  The setup has 2 rack mounted SFX DAWs, 2 Layla24's, a rack mount LCD, keyboard, mouse, a Rosendahl Nanosync word clock generator, and an APC UPS.  All these goodies are mounted in a shock mount Anvil case.  The SFX Certified Rental System has been overseen directly by SFX to ensure a "bullet-proof playback solution".

What are you up to? 
Stage Research is looking for recent shows and theatres that are using SFX so that we can put you on our website!  Drop us an email and tell us a little about what recent shows you’ve used or encountered SFX.

"SFX has allowed us as designers to explore creative avenues we've never been able to before and do so quickly and efficiently. "
- Benjamin Emerson

"SFX makes my life SOOOO much easier!"
- Jeff Knapp

"SFX gives me the flexibility to create complex soundscapes and the progamming speed necessary to keep up with the demands of a rigorous technical rehearsal process."
- Mark Bennett

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