APRIL 2005    

Roseneath Theatre makes Canadian History with SFX

Roseneath's production of 'Danny King of the Basement' is a successful, award-winning, touring show that uses SFX to enhance and simplify its productions.  See the full story...

Echo Audio MiaMIDI sound card on Sale!
A professional quality stereo sound card w/ MIDI for your computer.  For a limited time you can get the MiaMIDI for a special sales price.  See
the Stage Research website for details.

SoftPlot 8 and SoftPlot 3D
Download a free update to build 8.038 from http://www.softplot.net.  The update has 23 enhancements and fixes including changes to the Cue Editor, Line Attribute editing, Gobo Inventory, DXF I/O and Group selection.  If your version of SoftPlot is older then 8.0 then upgrade to the current version at http://www.stageresearch.com.

ShowBuilder: Sound Design
There is a free upgrade for ShowBuilder: Sound Design available for download at  http://www.showbuilder.net.  This is a major upgrade that re-vamps the interface based on suggestions from users.  If you are using a version earlier than 3.12 you are going to want this upgrade.

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What are you up to? 
Stage Research is looking for recent shows and theatres that are using SFX and SoftPlot so that we can put you on our website!  Drop us an email and tell us a little about what recent shows you’ve used or encountered our software.

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"It is a great product - anything that makes my job this much easier is a hit with me." 
- Doug Brown

"For the first time in six years of being in Theatre, I went to dinner at dinner break.  I didnt have to come back until 15 minutes before the evening tech because I didn't have any notes to do -- I already did them!  It was nice, very nice!" - Brian Peterson

"I just wanted to say thanks, and that we LOVE SFX.  I also wanted to say that I should have upgraded our SFX software ages ago. Your pricing is outstanding for educational use. "
- Joe Payne

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