NOVEMBER 2005    

A Love Affair with ShowBuilder
By Zach Williamson
As Sound Designers or Engineers, there are many parts to realizing a design. In the end, you care about what the audience hears and the quality or effect of the sound. Getting to this point can be a long process of designing a system, making equipment lists, revising your equipment list, picking the best wireless frequencies and trying to figure out what is going to connect to what and how. Enter ShowBuilder, a sound designer's best friend.  See the full story...

Light|Shop Online 7.0
Light|Shop is your single source for every category of photometric information!   With thousands of lighting fixtures, Gels and Filters, Gobos, and Bulbs from industry manufacturers, Light|Shop is your answer to your lighting questions.  Light|Shop is a web enabled, web deployable application that is easy to install, use, and is always up to date.  Click here to find out more and to get your own full functioning Pre-Release version of Light|Shop.

SFX 101 Training -- US & Europe
We now have trainers in the USA and Europe!
  Introducing SFX 101 , a unique way to get trained first hand on the nuances of SFX.  If you are a school, a theatre or an individual who is interested in learning how to use SFX from the ground up all the way to the most advanced topic, SFX 101 is for you.  Simply book two, 8-hour days with Stage Research and we will send a certified SFX instructor to your site.  More information...

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What are you up to? 
Stage Research is looking for recent shows and theatres that are using SFX and SoftPlot so that we can put you on our website!  Drop us an email and tell us a little about what recent shows youve used or encountered our software.

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"Ive now been using ShowBuilder on a regular basis for four years.  Now, after my very first production meeting for show, I open ShowBuilder and, well, start building my show. " - Zach Williamson

"Piece of cake.  We just started controlling SFX from our ETC lighting board
which makes life SOOO much easier; especially in community theatre where it's getting harder to find two separate ops for lights and sound; we can get away with one op if need be." -  Jeff Knapp, The Barn Theatre, Montville, New Jersey

It is a great product - anything that makes my job this much easier is a hit with me."
  Doug Brown

I waited a long time to make the jump to a computerized playback system and SFX fits the ticket!" - Jack Nardi

SFX has revolutionized our theatre sound capability. John Jones

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