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January 2006

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  SFX Tips and Tricks #3
By Richard Ingraham

Master Sound Designer Richard Ingraham returns with a third installment of a series of Power User Tips and Tricks to help you get the most out of SFX.  In this issue, you'll learn how to create Multiple Cue Lists, and how to save time and work by creating a complex sequence of cues in a show. Get in there and take control of SFX like never before!

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  Sound Effect Libraries
What's sound playback without sound effects? Stage Research now offers many different sound effects libraries for every use and any budget from the leading royalty-free sound effects publisher, Sound Ideas!  More information...

Light|Shop Online 7.0
Light|Shop Online is now available!  This online database of photometric information has added an additional 656 fixtures in the last 30 days.   For purchase or upgrade information visit the Stage Research store.

SoftPlot Product Update
SoftPlot 8 and SoftPlot 3D have been updated!   We have made over 30 improvements and fixes based on user input.  Visit the Product Update page for more information.

Echo Layla 3G's are on SALE
Purchase a Layla 3G sound card from the Stage Research store, enter coupon code "LAYLA3G" and receive a $50.00 discount on the popular Echo Audio sound card.  Sale ends January 31st.

SFX 101 Training -- US & Europe

We now have trainers in the USA and Europe! Introducing SFX 101 a unique way to get trained first hand on the nuances of SFX. If you are a school, a theatre or an individual who is interested in learning how to use SFX from the ground up all the way to the most advanced topic, SFX 101 is for you. Simply book two, 8-hour days with Stage Research and we will send a certified SFX instructor to your site.  More information...

  What are you up to?
Stage Research is looking for recent shows and theatres that are using SFX and SoftPlot so that we can put you on our website! Drop us an email and tell us a little about what recent shows you’ve used or encountered our software.

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  "SFX has made it possible for us to expand the limits of what our shows can sound like, while at the same time, providing a simple interface for our stage managers.  It's more impressive, and it's easier, too!" -  Peter Storms, Circle Theatre of Forest Park, IL

"From assembling effects to playback, it is a complete package that every professional and university theatre should have." -
Patrick Finelli

"This theatres sound department would never be ready with our productions on any of our three stages if we didn't use SFX throughout!" - Jakob Tryggvason, City Theatre of Reykjavik

"Thanks for your help on this.  You guys really do have the best customer service and have worked hard to answer my previous questions. -
Michael Rasbury, University of Virginia
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