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October 2006

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  SFX Gets Bewitched
A Haunting Production with Incredible Sound Design

Just in time for the Halloween season, sound designer Chris O' Connell of Middlebury College explains how SFX helped create a terrifyingly wonderful sound scape for their 2005 production of "The Bewitched".

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Featured Product: Echo AudioFire 4
The four channel version of the Echo AudioFire line of FireWire sound cards.  Excellent choice for venues needing only four channels of balanced output.   Includes MIDI.  Great for laptops as well as desktops!   More information...

FREE Fully Enabled LightFactory Evaluation
If you want to see why more and more people are moving away from expensive lighting consoles to more affordable, better featured, and easier updated PC-based lighting consoles, this is your opportunity!  Stage Research will give you FREE a 60-day evaluation copy of LightFactory and a DMX dongle to control your own lighting in your own space!  Stage Research has a limited number of evaluations available.  They are first come/first serve!  Email your request to

  What are you up to?
Stage Research is looking for recent shows and theatres that are using any of our theatrical products so that we can put you on our website! Drop us an email and tell us a little about what recent shows you’ve used or encountered our software.

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  "SFX has made it possible for us to expand the limits of what our shows can sound like, while at the same time, providing a simple interface for our stage managers.  It's more impressive, and it's easier, too!"  Peter Storms, Circle Theatre of Forest Park, IL

"SFX rocks... I can't believe how much easier the new sound guy has it.  Just last year I ran 3 pro Minidisc decks and a Yamaha board.  This year we upgrade, and there's no going back..."  Daniel Zawierucha

"I am having a great time as designer having so much keeps putting a smile on my face!  Thanks for a truly great theatre program!" - Trevor Hughes, The Shaw Festival
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