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November 2006

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  A Man Of No Importance
By Richard B. Ingraham

In this month's showcase, veteran sound designer Richard Ingraham nervously explains, "Although I was very familiar with the theatre company, the director of the piece, and the musical director, having designed several other pieces for this same organization, I was a bit concerned about just what I was getting myself into..." Luckily, his expert knowledge of SFX saves the day.

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Updated Product: SFX 5.6 Build 20
SFX 5.6 Build 20 and the SFX PlugIn Pack now support the Universal DMX Engine to control various DMX Hardware devices including the popular Enttec USB Pro.   LightFactory now can be control via TCP/IP with the addition of the LightFactory PlugIn.  SFX can control LightFactory either on the same computer or over TCP/IP to another dedicated LightFactory computer.  More information...

Featured Product: Echo AudioFire 4
The four channel version of the Echo AudioFire line of FireWire sound cards.  Excellent choice for venues needing only four channels of balanced output.   Includes MIDI.  Great for laptops as well as desktops!   More information...

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Stage Research is looking for recent shows and theatres that are using any of our theatrical products so that we can put you on our website! Drop us an email and tell us a little about what recent shows you’ve used or encountered our software.

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  "Super fast and rock solid performing program.  Used daily in professional showroom environment for over 3 years.  Perfect for magic shows and fashion shows. Excellent support.  Simply the best audio playback and midi device control solution in terms of reliability, cost, and flexibility." Tom Biebal, Claridge Casino Hotel

"We just did a production of Dracula where there were as many sound cues as lighting cues. The only difference was that the sound and music for the show were ready to run long before the lighting, thanks to SFX. It also enabled us to do things that we had been dreaming about. Our TD and Director were amazed by how quickly changes could be made. In short, SFX is a wonder-product and a lifesaver." - Bryan Bledsoe

"I waited a long time to make the jump to a computerized playback system and SFX fits the ticket!" -  Jack Nardi
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