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November 2007

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  SFX Design: A Prayer For Owen Meany
By Matthew Nielson

Every so often, a sound design project comes along that is just too irresistible to pass up.  For Washington DC based Sound Designer, Matthew Nielson, that show was the Round House Theater adaptation of  John Irving's "A Prayer For Owen Meany". This month, Matthew shares some thoughts about using SFX and his thoughts on how SFX helped win him a 2007 Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Sound Design for the show.    Check it out here.
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SFXv6Stage Research, Inc., the developer of audio, sound design and lighting software, has announced the release of SFX 6, the new version of its leading live entertainment sound playback software. More than just an update of the popular application, SFX 6 has been rewritten from the ground up and boasts an array of new features. 
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New Sound Template 1/4" and 1/8" Scale
Sound TemplateNow you can get the original  1/2" template and the new 1/4" and 1/8" scale Sound Templates together!  Both templates include over 40 speakers from 5 different manufacturers. Weight, dimensions, speaker patterns and specs are clearly listed. A built-in compass and protractor help you draw the pattern of the speakers. A handy tool that is great resource for both the professional and the student!
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  "Our ability to QUICKLY adapt and the straightforward nature of your software has been the backbone of our success on this project. Thanks for both your great product and your "hands on" technical support when I've needed it. - Mark Bennett

"The more I use SoftPlot 3D the more I like it. "
 - Norm Wigton

SFX has allowed us as Designers to explore creative avenues we've never been able to before, and do so quickly and efficiently." - Benjamin Emerson, Boston University School of Theatre Arts
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