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Date: February 10th, 2006

New Product Update Light|Shop Online is Launched

Stage Research, Inc, developers and distributors of theatrical software and hardware is proud to announce the launch of their new web-deployable online product, Light|Shop Online.

"Light|Shop Online is the richest data warehouse of lighting and photometric data and will continue to grow to become the industry’s standard location of such data,” explains William Kirby, original developer of Light Shop.

Previously available as a stand-alone program-only, this new web-enabled application of the popular lighting information program leverages a central, Internet database containing photometric data of nearly 3,000 instruments, thousands of bulbs and gels – and users have access to updated data as soon as it’s available!

Light|Shop Online is a web enabled, web deployable application that is easy to install, use, and is always up to date.  “Web deployed” means that Light|Shop Online is an actual program that runs in Windows XP except that every time the user runs the application, it automatically downloads the latest version if needed – no more downloading and installing program updates!  A lighting professional with Windows XP and a connection to the Internet, can download a copy of Light|Shop Online by visiting  

Since Light|Shop Online’s release in January, Stage Research has added an additional 650+ fixtures and over 800 additional bulbs, with more to come.

"We're excited to update Light|Shop into a more robust application to feed critical lighting data to light designers and technicians,” says Stage Research President, Carlton Guc.  “It really is a cool technology for the user: once the application is installed the user will never have to worry about being out of date.”

For more information on Light|Shop Online visit

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