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Date: February 15th, 2006

New Product:  LightFactory

Stage Research, Inc. is proud to announce the latest addition to its line of successful theatrical software applications, LightFactory.  LightFactory is a PC-based lighting control solution that offers all the features one would expect from any lighting control board and yet can be run from the smallest of laptops.

“With our other software offerings in design, photometrics, and visualization, the product that really rounds out our lighting suite is a good control program -- we found that in LightFactory,” explains Stage Research’s Minister of Lighting, Bill Kirby.

LightFactory is the premier software lighting control desk capable of controlling traditional and moving lights in a very elegant and user friendly interface.  With the ability to output up to 10 DMX universes (5,124 dimmers channels), LightFactory is compatible with the industry standard USB and Ethernet output nodes.  Other key features include addressing up to 2,000 lighting fixtures, unlimited cue lists, built-in scheduler and macros, and 1,000 external sub-masters.

LightFactory was recently used for the opening ceremonies of the 2006 African Cup where it was tasked with controlling 170 intelligent fixtures synchronized with lasers and fireworks.   Full story here:

Developer of LightFactory, Martin Searancke, said, "It is a fantastic opportunity to partner with such a well respected company in our industry. LightFactory is certainly a perfect fit into their existing product range. With Stage Research's sales and support I believe LightFactory will become a premier product for both small and large venues".

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