Contact: Carlton Guc
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Date: March 22nd, 2006

SFX, SoftPlot expand their
presence at major regional theatre conference

This March there was a new booth in the commercial exhibit hall at the Greensboro, NC based Southeastern Theatre Conference's 57th annual convention in Orlando. 


SFX and SoftPlot were on display for the first time, and the response was remarkable.  Hundreds of students, educators, and professionals stopped by the booth for a quick demo.  Some had never heard of SFX, but many more had at least used or seen used, the software. 


Explaining SFX to those unfamiliar with the application was especially enjoyable.  The virtually inevitable "Wow, that's cool" moments followed by the obligatory "This would have made [name of show] so much easier" comments reaffirmed the product's position.


This was not a tech support booth designed to show off the most intricate features and complex installations of SFX, but rather a simple demonstration presented by an average user.  The questions asked were intelligent, the answers honest. 


Look for sound design, and SFX, to expand its presence at SETC starting next year.  A comprehensive series of seminars on design, technology, and training, VIP guest sound designer lectures, a sound design exposition/competition, all placing sound alongside the other traditional design disciplines at the convention, will mirror the emergence of sound as a major theatrical design element.

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