Contact: Carlton Guc
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Date: April 19th, 2006

New Product: ShowBuilder: RF

Stage Research, Inc. announces the addition of ShowBuilder: RF to its audio software products line.  ShowBuilder: RF is designed specifically for sound professionals who manage wireless microphone frequencies for live applications.

"Putting together a wireless system can be problematic due to the number of interference problems with TV, radio, intermodulation, or other shows, but with ShowBuilder: RF I can quickly spec a show that'll run trouble free city to city."   Shannon Slaton, NY Sound Designer.

ShowBuilder: RF  will calculate intermod-free wireless microphone frequencies for anywhere in the world - a must for tours where frequencies change often.   Its simple to use: Select one or more geographic locations, select your wireless microphones from the internal database or enter your own microphone data, then let ShowBuilder: RF look for problems.   Reports what microphone frequencies can be used and which ones might cause problems with other microphones on stage, in the venue next door, or the local radio/TV station.

ShowBuilder: RF retails for $59.00 and is included for free in the ShowBuilder: Sound Design application that allows you to manage paperwork, document your sound system, create shop bids, keep track of budgets and payroll, and plan show routes. Together, these two tools are a must have for any sound designer!

More information on ShowBuilder: RF and ShowBuilder: Sound Design can be found at

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