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Date: May 1, 2008

SFX Software Plays Key Role in Phazerone Extreme

SFX and LightFactory software from Stage Research are key to the implementation of The PhazerZone Extreme, an interactive game from Media Vision, which just won one Gold and two Platinum Ava Awards from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP).

Described as a cross between laser tag and paintless paintball in the form of a battle aboard a cyborg vessel, The PhazerZone Extreme netted Platinum Ava Awards in the film/video special effects and film/video directing categories and a Gold Ava Award in the film/video instructional category. The Ava Awards, sponsored and judged by AMCP, is an international competition recognizing outstanding achievement by creative professionals in the audio-visual field.

Pascal Danon utilized SFX to build the soundtrack and sound effects for The PhazerZone Extreme and LightFactory to build its laser and moving light effects. SFX also triggers the LightFactory application and effectively automates all of the game's elements for the operator.

The PhazerZone Extreme, at Livingston's Amusement Center in Sarasota, Florida, uses paintball guns loaded with fluorescing non-bouncing balls, which glow under black light. Players score by shooting the balls at each other's protective sensor vests, which transmit the hits to a scoreboard.

Although the game previously existed in a simpler version, Danon was called in to take it to the next level. "The PhazerZone Extreme needed music, sound effects, physical effects, and lighting effects -- and the ability to control all of these elements in a simple operating system," he explains. "At the time I didn't know how to do that. Then a sound designer friend advised me to try SFX.

"I started by designing the game's sound tracks, sound effects, and light effects. Sound effects go on and off and a lot of commands are simultaneous -- there are up to 300 effects per six-minute sound track," he continues. "It's very in-your-face, with a lot of subwoofers and vibration. With falling props and CO2 cannons, it's more of an experience now."

Matthew Troy Parker programmed the entire game with SFX and LightFactory. He built nine cue lists to operate the system with the goal of having the operator push a button to start a game, then having one of the three game tracks play, cycle through, and repeat for each six-minute game.

The operator's keypad controls the commands of two computers, one loaded with LightFactory and the other with SFX software. "He can activate everything -- start, stop, pause, and reset," Danon says. "We will be able to expand the system for different game modes, new soundtracks and new plots."

Danon has found the SFX application for The PhazerZone Extreme to be reliable and problem-free. "It's simple and sturdy; as a sound contractor, I need something solid that can run seven days a week. That was the number-one key factor. SFX has been fantastic -- it's great software. It's easy to show people the basic operation of the system, and we always have the ability to tweak things and make them better."

About SFX

SFX is found at all levels of theater from academics to the pros. Professional theaters use the software to create reliable and enriched soundscapes and has been employed in many award-winning shows, including several Tony Award winners. The academic stage (elementary education through college) and amateur theater appreciate SFX for the high quality of shows it can create and because it can be easily run by novice operators. Students using SFX get the added benefit of learning the software they will most likely work with when they enter the theatrical job market.

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