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Date: October 10th, 2008


Northfield, Ohio (October 10th, 2008) - Stage Research’s SFX 6, world leader in live entertainment music/sound playback, has now seized the public exhibition venue market.  The 22-country tolerance-awareness project Dialog in the Dark will be opening this coming November in Kansas City, and SFX 6 will tie-and-trigger the sense-awakening exhibit. 

Blind or visually impaired guides, whom visitors will never get to see, will be leading them through typical segments of life in complete darkness.  The Dialog in the Dark 22-country series, created (and now headed) by a concerned German journalist/commentator, utilizes scents, wind, temperatures, sound and textures to construct park-, town- or bar-like environments in order to provide perceptual orientation within a world encompassing the remaining four senses. 

As one’s sense of hearing is sharpened by walking through this exhibit, and observers experience the sounds of rustling waterfalls and bustling communities, SFX 6 will cue and orchestrate what may well be the most impactful, important, meaningful and memorable exhibit to grace Union Station Kansas City’s Bank of America Grand Gallery. 

Stage Research’s Carlton Guc, sound designer for the project, reflects:  “SFX 6 software has allowed me to sculpt an in-depth, multi-layered portrait of a world unseen.  I can count on its rugged reliability again and again.” 

Because SFX frees the user from limitation-related technological concerns, he or she can design and execute rich soundscapes effortlessly.  Features include the ASIO playback engine supporting 16-bit or better WAV, MP3 or WMA audio files, audio cues that contain mono, stereo or more channels, and cues that output to a true matrix (any number of inputs to any number of outputs).  SFX 6 also enables one to drag-and-drop multiple sound files to create a multi-channel, synchronized audio cue from existing mono and stereo sound files. 

“We’re really proud of SFX 6 in helping us see our efforts through to completion on the Dialog in the Dark project,” says Guc.  “And many thanks to Premier Exhibitions, Atlanta, for enlisting us to lend our support for the installation.”

About SFX

SFX is found at all levels of theater from academics to the pros. Professional theaters use the software to create reliable and enriched soundscapes and it has been employed in many award-winning shows, including several Tony Award winners. The academic stage (elementary education through college) and amateur theater appreciate SFX for the high quality of shows it can create and because it can be easily run by novice operators. Students using SFX get the added benefit of learning the software they will most likely work with when they enter the theatrical job market.

SFX 6 provides features that no other product can. It enables designers to refine and create effects on-site rather than having to shuttle back and forth between a studio and performance space. This affords the freedom to optimize sound designs for the acoustics of the space and other components of the performance. SFX 6’s newly rewritten audio engine frees the need for an OS playback engine for hassle-free mixing and placement of audio. SFX 6 features an intuitive user-interface and can be programmed to run complex events with little or no user input.

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