The Cleveland Bicentennial
Celebration 200

The Cleveland Bicentennial Celebration 200! was a grand undertaking for Stage Research, Inc. The weekend long event in July of 1996 was a culmination of a year long bicentennial celebration in the city of Cleveland. The Celebration 200! event took place in the revitalized downtown riverfront district in downtown Cleveland, and included music, lasers, fireworks, a parade of boats, and many other festival activities.
A view into the backstage from house.

As contractors, Stage Research provided the show control computers and programming that controlled the weekend events including Audio Playback, Video Playback, Time Code for lights, and FSK time code for pyrotechnics. Listed below is a short summary of SFX's involvement. 

The Systems
The systems in our little corner backstage. A total of five computers were used for the entire show allowing for three for main control and two for backup. Each computer was a Pentium 133Mhz, with 64Meg RAM, 2GIG SCSI Internal Hard Drive, 1GIG Removable Hard Drive and a Turtle Beach Sound card. One computer had an additional high quality NTSC video card.


The Shows
Friday Night - Events kicked off with the Sea World Skiers performing Bay Watch on the Cuyahoga river. Multi-track audio was provided for the show using SFX Array for simple point and click operation. The show continued with the parade of boats down the river and ended the night with a pyrotechnics display, followed with credits on a large screen display. SFX sent time code and FSK to various parts on the river in order to synchronize the devices.

Sea World's Baywatch show on the river.

Saturday Night - Following the Baywatch show was the music group D'Cuckoo. D'Cuckoo's high-tech musical performance included computer generated graphics, and for their finale, the music was timed to pyrotechnics, lights, and lasers using time code outputted from SFX.

Sunday Night - A fairly light show for SFX, a little rain, and the Cleveland Orchestra. Again the finale was controlled and timed using time code from SFX to various points on the river to control lasers and pyrotechnics.

SFX performed flawlessly and the two additional backup systems were never used - well Solitaire tended to pop up on them on occasion. ;-)

People on the East Bank wandering about.

Designed by the Entertainment and Technical Departments of Sea World of Ohio, Carlton Guc, and Brad Rembielak.